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BYU Football 2017 Match Preview Prediction and Players: Provo • Karen Mangum has been fully aware for quite some time that her son suffers from mild depression and anxiety. She’s watched closely as 23-year-old Tanner Mangum, who also happens to be Brigham Young University’s projected starting quarterback in 2017, has dealt with his struggles, met with counselors and been prescribed antidepressants.

But even mom was “caught a little by surprise” when perhaps the most high-profile athlete at BYU right now announced the night of April 3, 2017, that he has “personal struggles underneath the surface” and that “mental illness is one of my personal battles.” Nearly three months later, however, the Mangum family is “thrilled he did it,” Karen Mangum said and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and adoration that the post on Twitter during Mental Health Awareness Week has produced.

BYU Football 2017 Match Preview and Prediction

BYU Football 2017

“It meant he was opening himself up, he was being vulnerable, and he was realizing that his condition is nothing to be ashamed about,” Karen Mangum said. “And he recognized that he has an influence that can be used for good. I think he has helped more people than he knew he could.” During BYU’s football media day last week, the junior quarterback spoke at length about how the condition has impacted his life and football career, why he chose to divulge it publicly, how his coaches and teammates have reacted and how he hopes to help other people with similar struggles.

“When I made that post, I wasn’t necessarily sure how it was going to go down, or what was going to happen,” Mangum said. “But it has been great. I have been able to speak out at different events, different radio shows, and do interviews and talk with different people about it. “It has really motivated me and inspired me to do more with it, to be able to continue to use my platform for good, to use the position that I am in to stand up for a good cause, and to reach more people, let them know they are not alone and really try to make a difference in that field.”

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“I had no idea [about Mangum’s depression], but I think it is more prevalent in society, and sports, than people realize,” Clark said. “I have diagnosed 20 years ago with extreme clinical depression, so it really helped me when he started talking about it. I mean, I never talked about it. But I know how it is.” Clark, who is a distant cousin to Mangum, said 20 to 30 players in his 15-year college coaching career have told him about their mental health struggles. Former Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer spends a lot of time with Mangum as BYU’s offensive coordinator and says he also knew about the athlete’s struggles, even while Mangum was putting on a happy face last fall when fifth-year senior Taysom Hill beat him for the starting quarterback job.

BYU Football 2017, “It doesn’t surprise me that he came out [publicly] with it,” Detmer said. “He felt like he was in a good enough place, and was past all that so he could share it with others. The type of young man he is, the leader he is, he just felt like he could put himself out there.” As Mangum said in the April post, the diagnosis he was divulging “might be surprising to many, due to my normally optimistic, outgoing and happy personality.” Indeed, reporters who have covered Mangum’s career have said he was the last BYU player they would have guessed would have a mental health illness. Source Link

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